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Lisamaria Markula




The CEO and Founder, Lisamaria Markula, is truly a global citizen who has visited 55 countries in the world and lived in 10 of them in 3 continents.

Lisamaria has done a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from University of Westminster and holds two Masters Degrees in European Studies and World Politics from King's College London and University of Helsinki respectively. Furthermore, she has studied Leadership and Coaching courses from Case Western Reserve University, Entrepreneurship courses from University of Maryland, College Park and most recently Intercultural Communication course from University of California, Irvine. She holds a life coaching certification from World Coaching Organization. 

She has training experience of 15+ years from 3 continents in Cross Cultural Understanding, Business Culture, Diversity Management, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Organisational Development, Sales and Pitching, Team Work and Vision Building from corporate and non-corporate sectors as well as academia. She has trained and taught varied age groups ranging from toddlers of 2 years to retirees of 70 years from different backgrounds e.g.  Nordic and Latin American managers and directors of small to large international companies, South Asian students of elite universities, (Eastern) European students of vocational colleges and universities, Indonesian students in an Islamic university, Vietnamese students in a Buddhist pagoda, Middle Eastern refugees in a refugee centre, and so on.

Lisa has coaching and mentoring experience of 8+ years from 3 continents through world’s largest international youth-run organisation, AIESEC. She still coaches and mentors students around the world through online and offline means mostly on Business Development and Personal Development.

She has personal, firsthand experience from various business cultures having worked in some of growing countries in the world: Chile, Colombia and Mexico in Latin America, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan in Asia in addition to her experience in Australia and Europe. 

Working for her previous employer, PwC Mexico, she was in charge of a Nordic Business Development unit, which supported the market entry of Nordic companies into Mexico. Together with her team and Nordic Embassies, Trade offices, Chamber and ProMéxico, she organised Doing Business in Mexico-seminars in Nordic countries, supported commercial delegations from Nordic countries as well as co-created a Nordic investment in Mexico-publication which was launched in Mexico and Nordic countries in spring 2014. Most recently, she contributed to the PwC publication, Zacatecas, a reference for global mining, which was launched in late 2015. Therefore, trade promotion via various events, commercial delegations and publications as well as facilitation of market entry are part of her repertoire.

Besides coaching and training she is passionate about dancing, music, theatre, travelling and volunteering.

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