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Our value added

Our added value lies in our network. Be it network of coaches and trainers or network of collaboration partners for market research, tax and legal services or relocation services. Our value lies in the service package we provide together with our partners to facilitate your market entry or expansion into selected markets. We have already done the partner due diligence for you and only collaborate with carefully selected partners that you can trust.

Executive coach network

We partner with carefully selected, experienced executive coaches for you to better manage your multicultural teams, expatriates or new international venture by learning about different aspects of cultural intelligence, and getting tips and tools to deal with everyday situations; and/or enhancing leadership and people management skills in a multicultural context. Access the profiles of our executive coaches and select your preferred coach.

Trainers’ network

We partner with trainers from different countries around the world for business culture training so that you can better succeed doing business in the target market, providing you with first hand experiences and real life examples so that you can learn through simulations and practical exercises. We currently cover over 35 countries: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Uganda, UAE, Qatar, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, the USA, Turkey, Venezuela and Vietnam. Access the profiles of our business culture trainers and select your preferred trainer.

Partners’ network

We partner with different companies for market research, tax and legal and relocation services to make your market entry or expansion as easy as possible for you to succeed faster in the target market.
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